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I need help with parking issue in my own road


I’m writing to Loughborou­gh Echo readers for advice as to our rights being disabled and if any parking provisions should be applied to a place of living – disabled our rights where parking is concerned with places of living?

Along with two neighbours, I am disabled and living in a flat supplied on the pretext that we were disabled.

We live in a cul de sac at the beginning of Beacon Road, near the Park Road junction.

These 24+ mostly Charnwood Borough owned flats were built for the over 55, vulnerable or disabled and nobody outside the cul de sac was allowed to park here. However when the parking zone permits were introduced that took our rights away and the area is open to other car users.

You can imagine the problems we have trying to get one of the six parking spaces available.

Since 2011, I have been pushing the issue of creating extra parking in the cul de sac.

I even drew up a plan, and sent it to the Leicesters­hire County Council for their thoughts.

The county council got back to me saying that the plan would be too costly, and instead suggested I apply for a disabled parking space; then in the next breath took that off the table as when I applied, it was rejected.

The county council were adamant that we hadn’t a parking issue and that out in the zone two there was adequate parking.

Mr Paul D. Pierrepont-Henson, Loughborou­gh

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