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Gritting lorries are at the ready as temperatur­es drop

Teams have already been out this autumn


AS the nights draw in and temperatur­es start to drop, Leicesters­hire County Council is ready to tackle winter, with 11,000 tonnes of salt already in grit barns across the county - and more due to be delivered over the coming weeks.

The gritting team were out on recently for the first time this season and drivers are on standby every night at this time of year, ready to spread salt wherever there is a likelihood of frost, ice or snow affecting roads.

The salt is stored in grit barns in Melton, Misterton, Mountsorre­l, Market Harborough and Nailstone, where gritters will roll out as required to keep the county’s roads moving.

Last year the county council’s gritting lorries carried out 77 runs of its 17 routes, using a whopping 12377 tonnes of salt to keep the roads safe.

In addition to the gritters, there are also a number of snow wardens based in communitie­s across the county who grit paths, as well as farmers who during deep snow, fit ploughs to their tractors and assist the council in clearing roads.

Councillor Ozzy O’Shea, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “We are well-prepared to tackle the winter weather and will do all we can to minimise any potential disruption caused by snow, ice or frost.

“We monitor the weather constantly and if freezing temperatur­es are forecast, our fleet of gritters are ready to treat major roads and key routes, which make up around 47% of the county’s road network.”

Residents are also being encouraged to prepare themselves for the cold season by following these simple steps:

Familiaris­e yourself with the gritting routes and keep up to date with local weather using the local radio or following the council on Twitter @LeicsCount­yHall.

For more informatio­n on winter maintenanc­e in Leicesters­hire, and for advice about winter driving and snow clearance of the paths outside your property, visit www. leicesters­hire. gov. uk/ winterweat­her

County council gritting facts The county council has 23 gritters which spread roughly 200 tonnes (dependent on spread rates) of the specially treated rock salt and molasses mix each night, covering around 1,300 miles of highway each time they go out.

Gritter drivers are on standby every night and spread salt whenever there is a likelihood of frost, ice or snow affecting roads.

A full gritting run covers 47 per cent of the county’s road network and takes between four and five hours;

Footpaths are not gritted by the county council, but the 757 salt bins across the county can be used by members of the public to treat public roads or footpaths.

Salt from these bins should not be used on private property.

 ?? ?? Councillor Ozzy O’Shea at the grit barn in Mountsorre­l.
Councillor Ozzy O’Shea at the grit barn in Mountsorre­l.

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