Loughborough Echo

Imaginary letter from a hard-at-it Tory MP...


DEAR Sir or Madam

I must be allowed to pursue my career to keep me in touch with the real world.

This is important to enhance my performanc­e as an MP and also to uphold the law in the British Virgin Islands.

It was lovely being there for three weeks in September and also I could vote remotely, in between cocktails on the beach, to keep the government on track to win the vital vote on the standards debate in Parliament.

Now I know I earned nearly £1,000,000 for the extra work, but honestly how can anyone expect me to exist on £80,000 per year – which is really just pocket money – and keep up my standard of living?

Honestly, how can I be expected to do my job as a parliament­arian with such a low remunerati­on?

I will leave the decision as to whether or not I should remain as an MP to the good sense and the general apathy of the voters and my 20,000 majority.

Yours faithfully, etc

David Goodger

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