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We should never take volunteers for granted


I would like to pay tribute to the wonderful volunteers we have, after hearing about those who rescued a badly-injured man who fell in caves in the Brecon Beacons.

The rescue took nearly 53 hours, with up to 300 volunteers from all over the country, some of whom had to sometimes crawl in cold water and low walls to carry him on a stretcher.

Some had been involved in the Thailand cave rescue of 2018, saving the lives of 12 members and teacher of a junior associatio­n football team who had been trapped by rising water.

Nearer to home, earlier this year we had in the Peak District a man who reported he was in trouble and came from Leicester. One of his rescuers had a bad accident, which resulted in terrible injuries from which the unfortunat­e rescuer will never recover.

We have volunteers who have helped in Covid vaccinatio­ns, some from St John Ambulance and other organisati­ons, as well as local people.

I am so grateful to these people as I have been so lucky to have my booster jab. There are so many unsung volunteers, who never get a mention.

We are all guilty at times of taking them for granted, and I appreciate them all.

DA Cookson

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