Loughborough Echo

Speedy subtitles ruin my enjoyment of TV


I wish whoever is responsibl­e for the unreadable television subtitles, especially on the news channels and Premier League football games would come up with a way of making them better.

For those of us who have hearing problems, trying to follow the item being screened, because of the rapidity of the spoken word unfortunat­ely makes them unreadable, so it tends to spoil the enjoyment of the programmes.

In this modern, hi-tech world, I’m very surprised that no one seems to concern themselves too much about us armchair supporters, who rely so much on our television­s, but the speed of the subtitles makes it almost impossible to keep up.

Finally, to those who still have good hearing - don’t abuse your good fortune, just enjoy it and cherish it while you can.

Ray Newcombe

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