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Charity offers lessons in how to live with dog


PRIMARY schools are being offered workshops and assemblies to help children learn how they can live happily and safely alongside dogs.

Be Dog Smart, run by Dogs Trust Loughborou­gh, is aimed at seven to 11-year-olds and focuses on helping children understand safe and appropriat­e behaviour around dogs.

Education and community officer Sarah Saunders said: “I am delighted to be back in schools helping children learn about dogs.

“The workshops are key to helping children understand dogs as well as how to behave around them. Pupils learn how dogs should be treated so that they can be happy around us, and we can be happy and confident around them.

“We have a pretend furry friend as our assistant, so nobody needs to worry if they aren’t used to being around dogs.

“It’s great to do an assembly for the whole school on the same day as doing a workshop, as then every pupil has the chance to get to know more about our canine companions.


 ?? ?? COMPANIONS: Sarah Saunders with a teaching aid
COMPANIONS: Sarah Saunders with a teaching aid

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