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I was deceived by the Vote Leave brigade


I find it very difficult indeed to express my anger at having the wool pulled over my eyes with respect to the Vote Leave campaign, in effect under the slogan Get Brexit Done. Why? you may ask.

Put simply, we were led to believe we could make our borders far more secure if we went it alone and yet at least 17,063 migrants have arrived here via the Channel so far this year compared to - if this wasn’t bad enough - 8,460 last year.

On Sunday, October 31 alone, more than 660 people crossed in 22 boats, the French authoritie­s preventing 197 who were in six boats. But they are, of course, only too glad to dispose of the responsibi­lity for these migrants as they head towards soft touch Britain.

Once again I make the point that I assume by far the majority are economic migrants and that can only put a severe stress on our resources – health, education and housing.

And if this wasn’t enough to be going on with, we also have to consider Afghan and Hong Kong migrants who are both here already and indeed arriving, albeit on a far more legitimate basis.

And as regards those living here of non-migrant British status who’ve been waiting so long for accommodat­ion, I am very surprised they have not been more vocal in the media in expressing the injustice.

Consider the young, for instance. Even when both partners are working it seems they struggle to afford high rents, let alone buy a house. Granted, though, I believe some councils have closed shop, arguing they can no longer cope.

And though many would argue the failure to build more houses is largely responsibl­e for the present state of affairs, immigratio­n has certainly played a significan­t part in exacerbati­ng the crisis.

We can’t go on ad infinitum carpeting our once green and pleasant land.

Whenever I’ve travelled by Eurostar to Paris in recent years I’ve not only had to show my passport but pass through some sophistica­ted gadgetry that can detect if I were carrying any unlawful object.

It’s the same, of course, for all coming and going from this country whatever mode of transport.

But then you have this absolute scandal of all and sundry coming here in such vast numbers, unhindered by any such obstacles, initially at least.

These are those truly “illegal immigrants” and this means by definition breaking the law.

What a shambolic state of affairs!

David Abbott

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