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What Tarmac said...


A spokesman for Tarmac said all blasts are “carefully designed” and are carried out using the “latest techniques and technologi­es”.

They said none of their blasts exceed the “strict limits” set by the local council and that they monitor every blast and report results, which are published on a regular basis.

Robert Lees, operations manager at Mountsorre­l Quarry, said: “We work closely with our neighbours to ensure that our operations cause minimal disruption to those who live and work near the quarry.

“We extensivel­y monitor dust levels and have comprehens­ive mitigation measures in place, such as sprays and wheel washes.

“All our blasts are designed to ensure they are safe and comply with the strict limits set by the local authority.

“We recognise there has recently been some concern around blasting and ran an online session earlier this year to provide residents with informatio­n – explaining why some blasts may feel more impactful than they are – as well giving people an opportunit­y to ask questions.

“We strive to be approachab­le and strongly encourage residents to contact us directly should they have any concerns at all.

“We would be happy to visit any concerned residents individual­ly at their properties.”

The company said it also “closely monitors” dust using receptors at numerous locations outside the quarry and it has not exceeded any limits set by the local authority.

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