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Rowland to the rescue...


ON NOVEMBER 2, members of the Charnwood Antique & Collectors’ Club met to hear a talk and display on “Kedleston and The Curzon Family”.

Unfortunat­ely, the speaker was indisposed and could not attend. However, all was not lost as the chairman, Rowland, was able to step in at the last minute.

He was able to produce two small talks and displays. His first was connected to philately, (which was not surprising as he is the Treasurer of the Loughborou­gh & District Philatelic Society), and was on “Stamp boxes and accessorie­s” and consisted of a number of cases which were produced to contain a booklet of stamps.

Not only were there samples of electro-plated cases, but also some old leather types.

He then continued to display a variety of small cases that could hold just one or two ordinary single stamps.

Both the booklet and single stamp boxes could easily fit into one’s pocket, wallet, or purse. However, his next items were larger and produced to fit onto coffee tables or office desks and were mainly in brass and beautifull­y shaped and designed.

They housed either individual stamps, or a group of two or more compartmen­ts designed to separate the stamps into different values.

He also produced two letter scales’ The first having a flat surface plate on one side where the letter would be placed and a small tray on the right to take the weights, that ranged from 2 ounces down to ¼ of an ounce.

The weights fitted into the front of the stand that the scales were fixed to. The scales and the weights were made of brass on a wooden polished stand. These could be used in a small office and/or a post office counter.

The second scale was a spring-loaded hand scale whereby a letter could be attached to the bottom of the scale by a clip.

The scale was then held up and the weight measured down the side of the scale. (Same principle as a fisherman’s scale). An old stamps tweezer with a flat edge on the top side and a bevelled on the bottom, thereby making it easier to lit the stamp up without damaging the perforatio­ns and was made for Stanley Gibbons Ltd, London. His second display consisted of 50p, £1 and £2 coins used in the UK

The next event will be the Annual Christmas Party. This year it will be different from the usual traditiona­l DIY party as it will be a Christmas Lunch to be held at the Three Crowns, Barrow-on-Saw on December 7.

For those not able to be present at the last meeting, please contact Rowland (01509-268073) for details and menu.

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