Loughborough Echo

Seeking advice on my pension windfall


I feel I must reply to the letter “Imaginary letter from a hard-at-it Tory MP”.

I fully understand your mitigating argument, that £80,000 per year is not enough to live on and that if you have found a way to supplement your income, by whatever means, then you seem to be financiall­y astute.

I was wondering, as you are so financiall­y astute, could you advise me on what to do with my recent unexpected windfall from HM government?

You see, I have just received a letter from HM Pensions, advising me that, as I have reached 80 years of age, they are gifting me a rise in my state pension, of 25p per week.

As you can imagine, I was staggered by this unexpected windfall and wonder what I should do with it – invest, spend or what? Decisions, decisions.

I eagerly await your reply on this matter.

John Wilson

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