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Online safety has never been more important


NEW legislatio­n including the Children’s Code, introduced to help regulate the impact of young people’s experience­s online, proves that staying safe online has never been more important.

The rise of online games and apps has meant that young people increasing­ly connect with their friends and develop in a virtual environmen­t.

Our research shows that being online has proven to be a lifeline throughout the pandemic, as 85 per cent of young people have spent more time playing online games and apps than ever before.

However, we must be aware of the challenges young people face in terms of online safety, and conscious of the types of virtual relationsh­ips they are forming and with whom.

As we look ahead to Safer Internet Day 2022, I’m inspired by all those who continue to support our young people to harness the internet for good and in a safe way.

We are calling on the industry and others to look to become part of this effort and to talk to us about how they can make a positive difference.

Will Gardner OBE, director of the UK Safer Internet Centre,


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