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Will leaders realise that you cannot eat power?


REGARDING the recent COP26, which should be renamed COP OUT26, if anyone is naive enough to believe that any of these world leaders care then I suggest they try putting out a burning building with a damp tea towel.

Nearly half a century ago, phrases such as “Plant a tree for 73” and “Plant one more for 74” were warning us of these problems to come.

Nothing has been done since and nothing will.

This is showtime, and from our heads of state: “Look how much we care and see the efforts we are making.”

Or “Blah, blah, blah” As it’s now known.

Will Downing Street or other leader’s homes/palaces be six foot under water?

Of course not, because they have the money and resources to protect themselves.

They will be sitting in their ivory towers while the population­s of the world suffer from floods and famine.

They will be protected by money and power while the rest get washed away.

Only when this happens will they realise that there is nowhere or no one left to produce their food and money and power is not a nutritious meal?

Phil Rowe,

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