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Cunning plan that is HS2 has worked


The imaginary letter in the Loughborou­gh Echo recently is well wide of the mark in its criticism of the antics of MPs. In the same way that the national press can report these events and still ignore the major contradict­ions. It is not just on this occasion but on all occasions.

First lets deal with the behaviour of MP Sir Geoffrey Cox. Why did he enter politics? He wanted to raise his profile and earn more money. He is a Sir and an a past cabinet minister and Attorney General, not bad credential­s which would raise his profile.

As a supporter of the present Government he has sanctioned the actions of the present Government in a corruption case brought by the British Foreign Office against the Virgin Islands. To support the Government in this action he must have thought there were grounds for prosecutio­n. So how did he come to be defending and advising the prime minister of the Virgin Islands? He must have thought that they had grounds which made it possible to defend them.

So you pick up £82,000 pa as an MP and support the Foreign Office in bring a corruption case against them and collect the best part of a million pounds defending the Virgin Islands. He was being paid to be on both sides of the case, for and against. Nice work if you can get it. I don’t think your readers will have a problem with this!

Next we come to HS2. It was sold to the general public as being an investment in railways which would eradicate the financial disparitie­s between the south and the regions (the midlands and the north). Now if these regions thought they were going to have better times after the investment how would this occur? The plan by the government was to help London to get workers into the capital from these regions in double quick time. This cunning plan has worked.

I contend that the Government is delivering what it promised. The Government has guaranteed a high speed connection to Birmingham and they did this with subterfuge pretending it would benefit the North. My contention is that the Government wanted to bring in commuters from Birmingham.

What has happened is the commuting range has been extended. Commuters will not travel from London to Birmingham or London to Manchester. On the contrary they will travel to London for work. The only thing which may throw a spanner in the works is if employers decide to keep more people working from home. If this happens it may jeopardise the financial viability of the line as there will be insufficie­nt passengers to pay the running costs. My advice to the electorate is look for the real motives of the government when they issue their plans. Boris is supported by the Tory MPs because he has the chutzpah that he can deceive the electorate with his behaviour. This has also been his modus operandi in his private life. This is working very well at present but eventually events will demonstrat­e that deception will come to sticky end.

Keith Clarke

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