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Is all this dance chat strictly necessary?


MAYBE you have watched Strictly Come Dancing? If not, perhaps you’ve seen Strictly Come Dancing – The Results? No? How about Strictly It Takes Two?

Do you realise that I couldn’t find a day when Strictly was not strictly on? Now I’ve heard folk say they can’t get enough of Strictly. Conversely , there are the odd thousand who say, “not them again!”

Perhaps the real stars of this BBC show are the make-up artists and costume designers, who are absolutely brilliant, or maybe it’s the musicians, who are completely competent, but come on now – seven days a week? That’s not strictly necessary, surely?

Strictly speaking, I fancy there ought to be an odd day now and then when there is actually nothing to repeat or shout about Strictly.

From now on don’t let me hear any complaints about there being too much sport on television – even football and rugby aren’t on seven days a week!

Mike Ross

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