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40 homes proposed for land on edge of a village

- By SHANNEN HEADLEY jshannen.headley@reachplc.com @ShannenHea­dley

A DEVELOPER has brought forward a bid to build 40 properties on the outskirts of a village.

FN & GT Barber has put in an applicatio­n to Charnwood Borough Council to build on land north of Cossington Lane, Rothley.

Chartered planners nineteen47 filed a design and access statement on behalf of the developer, which states the scheme would be made up of two-storey homes and apartment buildings.

The applicatio­n said it is intended that 40 per cent of the homes would be classified as affordable.

The 2.66-acre site is in agricultur­al use, surrounded by hedgerows and trees on all sides.

Neighbours have objected to the applicatio­n after they were contacted by the council in October.

One said: “I strongly object to this applicatio­n for a housing developmen­t.

“This developmen­t will cause more traffic problems that are already a huge issue in Cossington Lane on entering the village heading to the A6 crossroads.

“This is also more of a problem when we have heavy rainfall as in Cossington Lane, just outside the proposed developmen­t, it floods and that road can be closed, not giving you access to Rothley.

“We will lose our privacy and daylight.

“I know you will not take any notice of this personal comment but we bought this house 11 years ago and before we looked at the house we went into the garden and saw the beautiful field, horses, surroundin­gs and the house was sold to us there and then.

“In the future when we want to sell and if this developmen­t goes ahead it will certainly devalue our house and land.

“I understand we need new houses but Rothley has had enough.

“We do not have a doctor in the village and the ones we do have can not take any more patients.

“The primary school is full. There is no more room.”


 ?? GOOGLE ?? APPLICATIO­N: The Rothley developmen­t site, marked
GOOGLE APPLICATIO­N: The Rothley developmen­t site, marked

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