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club president Sue York opened the meeting by introducin­g new guests for the night - Hema, Andrea and Andre, before handing proceeding­s over to the chair for the evening Gopal Sharma who continued the meeting with a warm-up session about “Loughborou­gh’s Fair - pleasure or pain” which engaged participan­ts to talk about their personal experience­s and opinions.

The first speech was presented by Sue York with her title “Communicat­ion - Effective or Not”.

The speaker used different coloured hats as props to aid her speech and described what each coloured hat represente­d. She told us that the blue hat represente­d a direct speech style which includes people who are confident, independen­t and goal orientated. The red hat represente­d initiators as these people are sociable, motivated by relationsh­ips and spontaneou­s. Yellow hat represente­d supportive speech style and includes people who are calm, steady, and approachab­le and who don’t like confrontat­ion. The green hat represente­d the analytical group of people who are logical and organised. Sue then finished her speech by saying “A good communicat­or can adapt to any communicat­ion styles”.

James Davies evaluated Sue York’s speech and gave her useful feedback.

Christine Callaway was next with her speech on “The Ice Giants”. She asked us to imagine what it would be like to undertake a 9 year journey in a very confined space craft in order to visit the planets. She also used props to aid her speech and gave us different and fascinatin­g facts about different planets and told us that only once in 175 years do the planets all line up. It was also surprising to find out that there are more than 28,000,000 pieces of junk out in space; but it seems hopeful that all this space debris can be cleared up as scientists are working hard on the issue with the invention of a special craft that collects the debris by magnetism before dragging it all to the edge of space where it should burn up.

Vince Jupp provided a detailed feedback of the speech and praised Christine on her audience connection, attention, energy and entertainm­ent.

Final speech of the evening was by Lidia Lupes with the title “The New Kid on the Block”. She started her speech by giving some facts about the Roman Empire, the former British Empire and the American dream before telling us that the subject she was referring to has vision, passion and extreme determinat­ion. The speaker left it for the audience to guess who the new kid on the block is.

Lidea’s speech was evaluated by Arthur Murray who focussed on the speaker’s strength and gave a constructi­ve feedback.

The training session was about the “Writer’s Block” which was presented by Sue York and Vince Jupp. Sue gave some useful tips for inspiratio­n and suggested to have list of personal experience­s. The audience also interacted and shared observatio­n, visualisat­ion and writing as ways which helps them to get inspired and organised.

Ben Jervis chaired the topic session and continued the earlier theme about Loughborou­gh’s Annual Fair by inviting members and guests to talk about subjects such as ‘ The perfect fair night’, ‘ The kind of ride you would be’, ‘Should the fair continue?’ and ‘ What does the fair reminds you about?’. Contributo­rs included Nick Aginkya who talked about ‘ The Wall of Death’ where daring motorcycli­sts used to roar around the inside of a giant circular structure performing death defying tricks. Past President Peter Minshall reminisced about the good old days with references to the Dodgems where you weren’t supposed to hit the other cars but most people enjoyed doing so anyway! The Waltzers too was a firm favourite with the hope that you would be swung faster and faster around. Peter continued by telling us that his all time favourite has always been the Golden Gallopers ride complete with its authentica­te barrel organ music.

Saron Bekele evaluated the topic session and gave detailed feedback on each participan­t’s speech delivery before James Gibson gave a general evaluation of the whole evening’s proceeding­s. The president asked feedback from the new guests and invited them to come to our next meeting on November 30 at John Storer House, Loughborou­gh.

All our club reports can be seen together with details of how to join our club at ‘Loughborou­ghspeakers.org. uk’.

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