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Cut the potatoes, stop weight gain


- News Reporter By LEE GARRETT

CUTTING down on the number of roast potatoes with a Sunday dinner is one of the easiest ways for people to prevent gaining weight, according to researcher­s.

The tip is one of 10 put forward by Loughborou­gh University academics as a potential route out of obesity and weight gain.

They said the “small changes approach”, could be enough to stop people between the ages 20 and 55 gaining up to an 1kg in weight a year.

The analysis, of more than 3,000 participan­ts in studies across the world, found that eating 200 calories less a day or by burning the equivalent over the same period, might be enough to prevent people becoming overweight or obese.

However, while effective for preventing weight gain, the researcher­s stressed small changes was not proven to be effective for weight loss.

Other than cutting down on roast potatoes, the researcher­s suggested: Walk home or get off the bus one

stop earlier: This can burn up to 120 calories depending on the distance walked and while it may add time to the commute home, it is a simple way of preventing weight gain. Say no to the side order of chips:

Opting for a salad or vegetables might not look as tempting but could cut up to 200 calories.

Diet drinks are better: This can reduce intake by 145 calories. However, the best option of all is water. No sweet treats: Refusal could cut 200 calories from the daily diet. See you later, latte: Going americano is the way forward as the milk in regular lattes can contain as much as 186 calories.

A little less oil: A tablespoon of olive oil can contain more than 100 calories, so using less when cooking is a straightfo­rward and simple way of preventing weight gain. Half the break, half the weight

gain: Chocolate bars are easy to eat all in one go, but starting one and leaving half for another day is fine.

Walk and talk: 100 calories could go inside 30 minutes if people take phone meetings for work while out of their seat and strolling around. A dog will appreciate a walk, as will

you: A 30-minute brisk walk with your pet may be enough to burn off 150 calories.

 ?? ?? SAY NO TO THE CHIPS: Researcher­s have come up with 10 tips to help prevent weight gain
SAY NO TO THE CHIPS: Researcher­s have come up with 10 tips to help prevent weight gain

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