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Seven up for unbeaten Loughborou­gh Carillon Ladies


CARILLON LADIES 7 OUNDLE LADIES 0 THIS Saturday saw Loughborou­gh Carillon Ladies face Oundle Ladies for the first time in the restricted Charnwood Nene Division 4.

The team started strongly, with near misses at the post for both strikers , and the first 20 minutes of the match followed in an equally frustratin­g manner.

Despite a number of penalty corners and numerous chances on goal, Oundle managed to resist an relentless attack for most of the opening part of the match.

The deadlock was broken however by a near post, reverse stick finish by Lizzie Simpson, in a goal that proved to be the first of many for the team. A second goal followed from Jo Hatley from open play and a superb, first-time penalty corner strike from Bex Hadley took the home team to a comfortabl­e 3-0 lead at the break.

Although Oundle gave a spirited and determined performanc­e there was no doubt they were outplayed by the Carillon team, who went on to score a further four goals in the second half – Jo Hatley got her first hat-trick of what will surely be many this season, Lizzie Simpson scored again and the final goal came from Captain Julia Rann who picked up a rebound following a clinical cross from Anna Godwin.

It was a sublime performanc­e from the team, including notable play from Ruby Gorse at the back and Clare Hawksworth in midfield.

Next week, Carillon look to extend their unbeaten run to nine games in a row away at Nuneaton. • Anyone wishing to train or play with

Loughborou­gh Carillon Ladies can find us on facebook, or join use for training from 6.30pm at the Sutcliffe pitch at Loughborou­gh Grammar School on Thursday evenings.

 ?? ?? Bec Hadley winds up to score from an attacking short corner for Loughborou­gh Carillon Ladies.
Bec Hadley winds up to score from an attacking short corner for Loughborou­gh Carillon Ladies.

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