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Photograph­s brought back memories for Echo reader...


THE Looking Back photograph­s featured in the October 13 issue of the Echo brought back memories for regular contributo­r Mike Jones.

He said: “Photo number 1 (above) is of Loughborou­gh’s Meadow Lane Canal Bridge, looking away from the town, with the chimneys of the terraced houses, that used to be next to the Boat Inn, seen top right, on the other side of Meadow Lane.

“Photo three (top of opposite page) seems to be of the Mann Egerton Car Showrooms, which used to occupy the corner of Woodgate and Pack Horse Lane.

“It would appear to have been taken from the back of one of the Leicester Road properties facing Pack Horse lane, following the disastrous fire which gutted the building in 1992.

“Photo four (bottom of opposite page) is of the former Victory Cinema , built in 1921, just off Biggin Street. It was taken just after the sudden midweek closure of the cinema in January 1967 and still shows the last two films to be screened.

“The cinema had been popular with courting couples, on account of the double seats at the back of the balcony. The site was redevelope­d later that year to house Supasave, Loughborou­gh’s first purpose built supermarke­t.”

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