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Leisure centre to stage inclusive sports festival


THE Active Charnwood Alliance has come together to deliver an inclusive sport week which will culminate in a special sports festival at Charnwood Leisure Centre.

It kicked off on Monday and will conclude on Friday (December 3) to coincide with the Internatio­nal Day of Persons with Disabiliti­es (IDPWD)

Throughout this week, Active Charnwood are working together with local partners Fusion Lifestyle, Leicesters­hire Country Cricket Club, Charnwood Indoor Bowls Club, Loughborou­gh

Lawn Tennis Club and more to promote and expand Charnwood’s inclusive sport options.

Coun Robin Popley, Disabiliti­es Champion for Charnwood, said: “When I first proposed the idea at Full Council, it was my vision that Charnwood could stage a Paralympic­style event, for the borough. Since then, with the hard work and collaborat­ion of local partners, an entire inclusive sports week has been devised.

“This will champion disability sport within the area, as well as disability, itself. The final day of the week is set to coincide with

UNICEF’s Internatio­nal Day of Persons with Disabiliti­es, and this is important, as it encapsulat­es the ethos.

“All people, irrespecti­ve of their disability, race or creed, should be entitled to access sport and it is hoped this pioneers that.”

Sports highlighte­d include walking football where sessions costing £3 each are held on Mondays from 4pm5pm at Loughborou­gh Leisure Centre and on alternate Fridays from 3pm-4pm at the Nanpantan Sports ground and walking netball (costing £3 per session) which takes place at Loughborou­gh Leisure Centre from 7pm-8pm each Tuesday

and 10am-11am on Thursdays as well as a session on Thursday afternoon from 4pm-5pm at Soar Valley Leisure Centre.

The sports festival at Loughborou­gh Leisure Centre on Friday (December 3) is free of charge and will feature a wide range of sports opportunit­ies people might be interested in taking up.

Taking place from 11am2pm there will be sessions of Boccia, New Age Kurling, Seated Volleyball, Kim Ball, Table Cricket, Indoor Bowls and Inside Out Tennis.

on the festival contact Erin Simmonds at erin.simmonds@ charnwood.gov.uk

 ?? ?? Loughborou­gh Leisure Centre, Browns Lane, Loughborou­gh.
Loughborou­gh Leisure Centre, Browns Lane, Loughborou­gh.
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