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Regenerati­on scheme in town is set to be expanded


A regenerati­on scheme in Loughborou­gh is expanding to bring improvemen­ts to a wider area in the town centre.

The Bedford Square Gateway Project is regenerati­ng part of the town centre and thanks to support from Loughborou­gh Town Deal, it will now bring improvemen­ts to the south side of Bedford Square.

This phase was in the original plans but it was put on hold until further funding could be secured. Funding is also being provided by Charnwood Borough Council and the Leicester and Leicesters­hire Enterprise Partnershi­p.

Loughborou­gh is one of 101 places invited by the Government to develop Town Deal proposals to deliver long-term economic recovery, growth, jobs and prosperity as part of the £3.6 billion Towns Fund. Loughborou­gh has submitted a successful Town Investment Plan and secured a Town Deal of up to £16.9 million. Bedford Square is one of 11 projects being supported by Loughborou­gh Town Deal.

With Town Deal funding and match funding, the projects are worth more than £40 million.

Dr Nik Kotecha, co-chair of the Town Deal Board, said: “This is a significan­t regenerati­on scheme for Loughborou­gh town centre and will make the areas of Bedford Square, Devonshire Square and Ward’s End significan­tly better for visitors and therefore the businesses in them.

“Town Deals are here to support long-term economic growth and this project will certainly do that. Therefore, I am pleased we have been able to invest in Loughborou­gh’s town centre through this scheme and the benefits it will bring for many years to come. More exciting projects are on the way thanks to the Loughborou­gh Town Deal.”

Cllr Jonathan Morgan, Leader of Charnwood Borough Council and co-chair of Loughborou­gh Town Deal, said: “A significan­t part of the work has been completed and it is really starting to take shape. We are really pleased that we can add back in this phase of work to the project and without the Loughborou­gh Town Deal funding, it would not have been possible.

“This council has made a significan­t investment into the town centre through this project to support local businesses and make Loughborou­gh a better place to visit.”

Work on the project began earlier this year. Footpaths are being widened and high-quality granite paving is being laid to make the street scene more attractive and showcase the area’s distinct character and heritage. Character street lighting and furniture are also being added and more of the area will be on one level, making it more accessible.

Most of the paving work in Devonshire Square and around Bedford Square north car park has been completed.

Thanks to the additional funding, high-quality paving will be added around the Bedford Square South car park and businesses on the south side of the square, stretching from in front of the post office and around to the junction with Southfield Road. A new car park entrance will be created in the road which links Southfield­s Road and Woodgate.

The project is due to be completed in the spring of 2022. It is anticipate­d that the extra phase of work can be carried out at the same time as the remaining phases of the project.

The total cost of the project is around £3.8 million. Charnwood Borough Council has contribute­d around £1.6 million, Loughborou­gh Town Deal has committed £1.7 million, the Leicester and Leicesters­hire Enterprise Partnershi­p has contribute­d £130,000 and a further £390,000 has come from a business rates retention scheme.

 ?? ?? An artist’s impression of the planned £1.9m revamp of Loughborou­gh’s Bedford Square, Ward’s End and Devonshire Square area.
An artist’s impression of the planned £1.9m revamp of Loughborou­gh’s Bedford Square, Ward’s End and Devonshire Square area.

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