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Dealer had big stash of drugs, cash at his home


A DRUG dealer was found with a few cannabis deals when stopped in the street - but he had a far bigger stash and a pile of cash hidden at home.

Jacob Newman, 22, was seen acting suspicious­ly in Browns Lane, Loughborou­gh, by street CCTV operators.

They alerted police on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, and Andrew Peet, prosecutin­g, said when officers stopped Newman, then 19, they recovered three deals of cannabis and £130 in cash.

But when they searched his then address at student accommodat­ion in Forest Road, Loughborou­gh, officers found 13.5 grams of ecstasy, 10.89 of cocaine, 3.83 grams of ketamine and 373 grams of cannabis - much of which had already been bagged into street deals - with a total street value of about £5,000.

Cash totalling £5,030 was also seized from a drawer at the same premises, Leicester Crown Court was told.

Newman, of Selbourne Road, Loughborou­gh, admitted possessing the four types of drugs, with intent to supply, and pleaded guilty to having supplied them since July 2019.

Mr Peet said that text messages on Newman’s mobile phone revealed he had been street dealing for about three months, before he was caught.

Despite being arrested in October 2019, Newman was not charged with the offences until 20 months later, in June this year, the court was told.

Fergus Malone, mitigating, said Newman was using drugs at the time of the offences, to help him “cope with everyday life” due to distressin­g family-related circumstan­ces.

He had since made positive changes and is in employment.

Judge Philip Head adjourned the hearing until February 1, pending the preparatio­n of a pre-sentence report.

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