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Tory antics should hold no surprises


WE hear these protests that, ‘It is one rule for a Tory Government, and another for the rest of us.’ That has been the basis of Conservati­sm for 200 years, and a majority still vote for it. How can these citizens be surprised?

Conservati­sm means a wholly divided society controlled by a tiny minority who own everything, and actively depress and deprive the lives of another portion of British citizens in the same society, to lifelong poverty, deliberate­ly.

This is only possible by persuading the unprincipl­ed and selfish people between these extremes, to vote Conservati­ve, in order to punish the ‘feckless poor’ and their children.

All adults have had the chance to see the injustices of the past, which is what Tories seek to conserve, for an unjust future.

Tory MPs are outraged when they are accused of what you call ‘corruption’, because that is exactly what they believe they are entitled to, in Tory economics. This has always been their belief in ‘privilege’, their establishe­d right to cheat all other British citizens, and the opportunit­ies of the next generation.

The idea that a silly slogan, ‘Build Back Better’, after 10 years of ‘austerity’, a name by which working citizens possessed even less, could change the meaning of Conservati­ve greed, almost as evil as their naked malice, is ridiculous.

It only appeals to voters with no moral principles. To be surprised, marks you as a fool.

C. N. Westerman, by email

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