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Why I wouldn’t trust the public with PPE


I DO voluntary litter picking around where I live and sometimes do bigger picks with a handful of my friends.

We are dismayed with the number of disposable masks dumped everywhere. Sometimes they are a foot away from a bin. Dumping PPE inappropri­ately could spread the virus.

I do wish that when people have finished wearing their disposable masks they would throw them into an object called a bin! Please don’t leave them on the ground, on benches, in supermarke­t trolleys and so on - it’s a disgusting habit.

Actually, I think disposable masks should only be worn by those who work in health care, beauty and hospitalit­y, as they know how to dispose of masks correctly.

You never saw masks strewn on the ground in hospitals before they became mandatory for patients and carers. They should never have been made available to the general public.

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