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Has either side got an idea of what to do?


AGAIN, we have the Government and the Opposition playing politics while we appear to be going into another lockdown. I do not know what other readers think, but one gets a feeling that neither has an inclinatio­n as to what to do. How many more people have got to die or suffer from the Covid virus?

One must ask whether we have MPs fit to serve in Parliament when one sees the petty and sometimes childish antics from both parties.

I suspect the North Shropshire result was a wake-up call for the two main parties to get their houses in order. Because none of them seem to have any constructi­ve solutions, resulting in their party house of comedy we are experienci­ng now.

Is it any wonder that we have such uncertaint­y, when we have a Government and an Opposition not showing any common sense, but preferring to pursue a political point-scoring game, while we reach record numbers of infections with Covid and the NHS being swamped for another year.

Yet how many of those infected are engaged in areas where no masks were worn by themselves or others?

Most of the population have taken to wearing a mask and sanitising their hands and acting responsibl­y, showing respect for others, but unfortunat­ely, we still have a small minority who do not show respect or responsibi­lity.

But who is to blame them when they see those instructin­g and advising us to likewise not practising, which is evident in both the Government and the Opposition, whether in public or private events, as both are susceptibl­e to the elements of infection.

Tony Morris

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