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Wake up! Johnson has always been unfit PM


THE recent revelation­s about Christmas parties in Downing Street during lockdown is further evidence that the Prime Minister isn’t fit for office.

It’s not just that they do the wrong thing, but the way they lie or obfuscate until it is clear they can’t get away with it. John Bercow, former Speaker of the House and Conservati­ve MP, said Boris Johnson was the worst Prime Minister of the 12 he’d known in his lifetime. This made me wonder at what point will Conservati­ve MPs realise that Boris is unfit to lead the country and vote him out?

They didn’t when he misled the Queen and tried to illegally prorogue parliament. They didn’t when he missed five Cobra meetings on Covid at the start of the pandemic. They didn’t when he defended his adviser’s trip to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight. They didn’t when his Government wasted £37bn on a useless test and trace system while denying poor children free school meals in the holidays. They didn’t when his Government set up a VIP procuremen­t fast track for PPE contracts for those with contacts in the Government. They didn’t when he spent more than the generous £30k refurbishm­ent grant on his Downing Street flat and tried to get Tory party donors to pay for it (resulting in the Tory party being fined £17,800 by the Electoral Commission).

What happened to Churchill’s adage about putting your country before party?

However, as the Labour Party seem to be inching out a lead in the polls, Conservati­ve MPs may start getting fearful about the next election. Nothing like the threat of losing your £80,000 job to make you remember your scruples.

Tad Jones

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