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Exercise class enjoys festive event at centre


A group exercise class of people referred by their GPs has enjoyed a workout followed by some festivitie­s.

Hayley Phillips’ group exercise class is held at Mountsorre­l Leisure Centre.

After a musical Christmas themed class workout, they enjoyed some festive nibbles and a taste of sloe gin to celebrate the last session of the season.

A spokespers­on said: “Back in January to keep us fitter and stronger whilst coping with arthritis or pre and post op exercise.

“If you think you would like to join us ask your GP for a referral. Gentle exercise to suit everyone.”

A member of the group said: “I found this class, just what I needed pre and post knee replacemen­t.

“Our numbers seem to have diminished due to Covid lockdown and maybe people are not getting to see their GP for a referral these days.

“I would like to see the classes survive otherwise they might be closed down if not supported to pre Covid numbers.”

 ?? ?? Exercise class at Mountsorre­l Leisure Centre
Exercise class at Mountsorre­l Leisure Centre

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