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Dedicate a star to a loved one lost this year


A CHRISTMAS tree has been put up at Loughborou­gh Crematoriu­m to commemorat­e loved ones who have died this year.

Families supported by the crematoriu­m over the past year are invited to dedicate a star to their loved ones.

The team at the crematoriu­m will also be making a £500 donation to Rainbow children’s Hospice charity. In all, the Crematoriu­m and Memorial Group (CMG) will be donating about £23,000 to local charities.

Natasha Small, crematoriu­m manager, said: “This has been another immensely challengin­g yea and it will be particular­ly hard for those who are recently bereaved.

“We hope our memorial tree offers comfort and reflection for those that have lost loved ones this year. We are more than happy to place a name on the memorial Christmas tree on behalf of those who have lost a loved one.

“Our teams continue to do everything possible to provide families with support at this difficult time and we are committed to ensuring that families are able to arrange a respectful funeral for their loved ones.”

CMG operates 46 crematoriu­ms across England and Scotland.

 ?? ?? The memorial Christmas tree at Loughborou­gh Crematoriu­m
The memorial Christmas tree at Loughborou­gh Crematoriu­m

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