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CRIME UPDATE. There was only one crime reported to the police in Sutton Bonington in November – the lowest four-weekly figure for months, with the village joining the vast majority of those in the East Leake division who were also able to mark a low number of crimes or none at all..

The single crime was when an unknown person forced entry into a property on Main Street and stole car keys and subsequent­ly the car. The car was later found abandoned in a neighbouri­ng village.

The officer responsibl­e for Sutton Bonington is PC Kelly Carlile who can be reached on Kelly.carlile@nottingham­shire. pnn.police.uk or who can be followed on twitter at Kelly. carlile@nottingham­shire.pnn. police.uk or on Facebook at Rushcliffe South Police. Her mobile number is 0772592533­0.

GREENING GROUP. Sutton Bonington, with help and support from the parish council, is fortunate to have a group of enthusiast­ic local volunteers who are determined to make a success of the village Greening group which is dedicated to creating a more environmen­tally friendly and sustainabl­e community.

The Greening group is working with the Sutton Bonington Hedgehogs group to raise awareness in the village about hedgehogs and what people can do to both encourage and protect them.

The combined groups were looking at creating some local wild areas with minimal management so in order to encourage hedgehogs and create a safe environmen­t with abundant cover and food for them. The groups are also considerin­g putting in similar measures to those taken by the East Leake hedgehog group.

This would include regularly posting informatio­n around the village and on the village social media pages about what people can do to help protect hedgehogs and releasing sightings maps and photos so that people can share their hedgehog sightings with others.

Another far sighted and exciting idea is the instalment in Sutton Bonington as in a number of other villages UK wide of a Hedgehog Highway throughout the parish, to involve people, who agree to this idea, putting small gaps in their fences to allow hedgehogs to move safely throughout the village without having to cross the busy roads.

If you want to help protect and encourage hedgehogs in your own garden there are some simple and easy ways to do so:

1. Make your pond Hog Friendly: Hedgehogs like to drink from garden ponds and can sometimes get stuck. So, making ‘steps’ out of rocks leading to and from the water can help them get back out again.

2. Have a Hog House: You can buy or make ‘Hog Houses’ for hedgehogs to take shelter in and put them in your garden.

Here are some sites where you can find instructio­ns for building hog houses - Homes for Nature | Free Teaching Resources to Download - The RSPB Hedgehog House Plans DIY - The RSPB

3. Put out food for hogs: You can put out food for hogs. Although special hedgehog food is available cat food is also perfect for hedgehogs. They will eat wet cat food or dry biscuits. Sunflower seed, nuts, suet pellets with insects and mealworms can also be left out for hedgehogs but should not be done regularly or in large quantities as they can be bad for hedgehogs in large amounts (they’re like sweets for hedgehogs).


Notts County Council highways department have confirmed considerat­ion is being given to a change in the speed limit restrictio­n on West Leake Road between East Leake and West Leake. The current limit of 60mph will go down, a change that will be welcomed by many of the local residents living in that area of the village.


Parents of youngsters at Sutton Bonington primary school have been reminded that face coverings are required in school following a statement from the prime minister, as one of the measures against the new variant of concern, ‘Omicron’.

The school received a bulletin from the Department for Education (DFE) stating the need for face coverings to be worn in communal areas in all educationa­l settings by staff and visitors. Following this advice, staff and visitors are required to wear face coverings as they move around school and in communal areas. Anyone entering the school building is being asked to please wear a face covering in accordance with this advice unless you are exempt.


Sutton Bonington Baptist church ran their annual Carols by Candleligh­t service twice to allow increased capacity and to allow them to maintain the necessary social distancing between those people in attendance. The services were run two hours apart from each other, - at 4pm and 6pm. The church requested that everyone took a lateral flow test before attending.

The Minister, the Rev John Hebblethwa­ite, said due to the COVID-19 situation ,they had taken the hard decision to downscale their Christmas lights switch on The lights were still be switched outside their Church-- next to the Post Office – and everyone had still be very welcome for a 50-minute event as Santa had left some goodie bags for his elves to hand out to children on his behalf.

The church ‘No More Gloom’ carols service was live on You Tube for anyone wishing to join.

 ?? ?? Christ Church, Rothley Road, Mountsorre­l had a successful Christmas Tree Festival with 42 trees on display.
Christ Church, Rothley Road, Mountsorre­l had a successful Christmas Tree Festival with 42 trees on display.
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