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The new police inspector looking after East Leake as part of his take for the whole of Rushcliffe has promised there will be a new priority list for then to concentrat­e on in January.

In a message to everyone in the area he serves, Insp. Rob Lawton said he hopes everyone is ok and that current times where Covid is still with us they are able to be keeping safe with their families.

“Since I started back in July I have met many of you, some in person, some over the phone and some over our computer screens as we do nowadays. Whichever way I wanted to say, and I say it genuinely, that I am grateful by everyone’s support.

“There are conversati­ons where it is clear we as the police need to improve or have not got things right, and being accountabl­e as your local Neighbourh­ood Policing Inspector is important to me. You have been supportive, fair and just want the best for Rushcliffe like I do.

“I updated our local priorities in October and wanted to make sure you know what they are. They are updated every three months and when they are I release them on the Rushcliffe Police internet page. The link is here, you just have to add the postcode for the area you want to view Neighbourh­oods Nottingham­shire Police.”

The inspector says the current priorities are Rural Crime anti-Social Behaviour in Central West Bridgford.

He says many residents have asked for a better understand­ing of who their neighbourh­ood officers are as well as their contact details and he has made sure the list of the officers with their email addresses are available. Please do not use the contact details as a way of reporting incidents as the officers can be on rest days or leave and may not see the email for a while. The reporting of incidents must be via 999 if an emergency and 101 if it is not.

The Inspector says he will continue to write the Stakeholde­r reports and future editions the sergeants will all provide an update too.

PATH REPAIRS. Paths in the Park The limestone grit paths in the Meadow Park are in need of repair. The paths are uneven and some areas allow rain water to ‘pool’. To enable the work to be carried out we put in a successful bid for funding from Notts County Council Local Improvemen­t Scheme. East Leake Parish Council have match funded the bid and a total £28,000 has been raised.

We are delighted to tell you that work on the paths will start in September.

The limestone grit removed from the existing paths will be left as a fairly large heap (where exactly tbd) and seeded with flower varieties that like limestone.

HOMELESS CHARITY. Parishione­rs at St. Mary’s Parish Church have been reminded that a box to donate items to a local charity for the homeless and vulnerable has returned to the back of the church.

Founded in 1988, the Friary was created to meet the needs of the homeless in Nottingham.

Responding to the ever-changing complex needs of the homeless, the charity has tailored its services into the extensive provision today. It continue financial problems, individual­s often face a host of other challenges including mental & physical illhealth, substance misuse, addiction, social exclusion to further compound these difficulti­es, unemployme­nt, illiteracy and sometimes domestic and substance abuse.

Over the years the charity has extended its services to enable access to a GP, dentist, podiatrist, in-house IT services to give support with online benefit claims, CV writing and job applicatio­ns; access to mental health profession­als and a specialist nurse to assist rough sleepers.

Its mission is to help homeless and vulnerable adults to rebuild their lives by offering practical and health services, advice and emotional support.

Members of the St. Mary’s congregati­on have been informed that donations of food and warm clothes are welcome. Tinned meat and mens joggers and underwear are also in short supply at the moment.

PLANS. A planning applicatio­n for an East Leake developmen­t submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council have been approved.

The go ahead has been given for a single storey side extension with the addition of a balcony, elevationa­l alteration­s to doors and fenestrati­on, roof alteration­s to the existing dwelling and the provision of new gate piers and entrance gate at 21 Brookside Demolition of existing garage and erection of new double garage with associated access and turning, Brook House Brookside East Leake.

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