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General Knowledge Quiz

- Craig Charles See Question 6.

1. Who was the president of Argentina at the start of the Falklands War?

A General Garibaldi

B General Fasto

C General Peron

D General Galtieri

2. What is the name of the Japanese electronic pet which became popular worldwide in 1997?

A Tamagotchi

B Pokemon

C Yawakatchi

D Mashagawi

3. In which popular US sport do the Boston Red Sox play?

A Baseball

B American football

C Ice hockey

D Basketball

4. Which 19th-century statesman was known as the Iron Chancellor?

A Alfred

B Wilhelm II

C Bismarck

D Peter

5. Kirk Douglas portrayed which famous painter in the 1956 biopic Lust For Life?

A Paul Gauguin

B Vincent van Gogh

C Jackson Pollock

D Salvador Dali

6. Craig Charles plays which Red Dwarf character?

A Dave Lister

B Arnold Rimmer

C Dwayne Dibbley

D Frank Todhunter

7. Which firework is named after a 4th century Christian martyr?

A Roman candle

B Catherine wheel

C Jumping jack

D Sarah sparkler

8. Which Shakespear­e play is about a former Roman general who is dissuaded from sacking Rome?

A Titus Andronicus

B Twelfth Night

C Coriolanus

D Julius Caesar

9. What nickname was given to John Chapman, an American pioneer nurseryman of the 18th and 19th centuries?

A Johnny Appleseed

B Jackie Pumpkinsee­d

C Joey Pearseed

D Johnno Grapeseed

10. Which former Generation Game host also presented Come Dancing?

A Rosemarie Ford B Sally Ford C Cheryl Ford D Louise Ford

11. To which genus of plants does the snapdragon belong?

A Dragonis B Petunia C Antirrhinu­m D Antidragon­um

12. What is the usual name for the salts formed by the combinatio­n between sodium or potassium and palmitic, stearic and oleic acids?

A Sand B Rock Salts C Soap D Basalt

13. Which Hugh Grant film features songs by Damon (Badly Drawn Boy) Gough?

A Notting Hill

B About a Boy

C Bridget Jones’s Diary

D Nine Months

14. Who wrote the opera Pagliacci?

A Mascagni

B Leoncavall­o

C Puccini

D Verdi

15. Which band had a hit single with Girls and Boys?

A Oasis

B Ocean Colour Scene

C Ash

D Blur

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