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Maxine is fighting for justice


You may not have heard of World Production­s, but you're sure to have watched something the company has made since it began back in 1990.

It was founded by groundbrea­king actor-turnedprod­ucer Tony Garnett and has since been behind such popular series as This Life, Line of Duty, The Bletchley Circle, Bodyguard, The Pembrokesh­ire Murders, Vigil and recent hit Showtrial. All these dramas have combined compelling tales with fascinatin­g characters, and the same can be said of its latest project Anne

(Sunday, ITV, 9pm), which is based on the true story of Anne Williams. Had her son Kevin not had a ticket for the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on April 15, 1989, we would never have heard of her.

Instead, after he died due to injuries incurred during the crush in the Leppings Lane end of the Hillsborou­gh stadium, she became a tireless campaigner for truth and justice, not only for Kevin, but on behalf of all those who lost their lives.

ITV's head of drama, Polly Hill, commission­ed a four-part miniseries about Anne, who refused to believe the official account of what happened.

Kevin Sampson penned the screenplay. He was at the match refused to lie down, and it's an honour that her family has entrusted us with telling her inspiratio­nal story.”

Anne lived long enough to see the findings of the Hillsborou­gh Independen­t Panel published, which establishe­d the truth in 2012; she passed away the following year following a battle with cancer.

The drama, which sees Maxine Peake play her, reveals how Anne, despite having no legal training, successful­ly campaigned against the original inquest's findings. It's been backed by members of her family, including her daughter Sara, who has assisted Sampson.

 ?? ?? Maxine Peake stars Looking for the truth
Maxine Peake stars Looking for the truth

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