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170-homes plan resubmitte­d and appeal lodged


- By SHANNEN HEADLEY News Reporter

AN APPLICATIO­N for permission to build 170 homes on a field between the villages of Sileby and Cossington has been resubmitte­d, after more than a 100 people in the area objected to the plans.

The scheme sparked objections from 124 households in the area who were concerned that the developmen­t, on land east of Cossington Road, which forms a green space between Cossington and Sileby, would effectivel­y merge the villages.

It was refused permission by Charnwood Borough Council.

Developer David Wilson Homes has now resubmitte­d the plan with the borough council, and lodged an appeal against the authority’s refusal of the original applicatio­n.

The original plan was turned down in September. Speaking at the time, Charnwood Borough Council said the developmen­t would have a “significan­t harmful impact” on the character of the countrysid­e, and on the separate identities of the villages.

A spokesman for David Wilson Homes told the Mercury in October it was “considerin­g” its options.

He said: “We are disappoint­ed that our planning applicatio­n for 170 homes in Sileby has been refused.

“We are now considerin­g our options and will continue to liaise closely with the local authority.”

Documents submitted by the between Sileby and Cossington.

“This is because there is already residentia­l developmen­t that extends down Cossington Road which is already much closer to the settlement than the proposed new dwellings. Secondly, the developmen­t will deliver and maintain a significan­t amount of open space to the south of Sileby.”

That means, the developer claimed, that the developmen­t would only lead to a “minor reduction” to the current separation between the neighbouri­ng villages. It added that there would be a “clear separation” between the built-up areas.

A date for the applicatio­n to be discussed has not yet been set by Charnwood Borough Council.

 ?? GOOGLE ?? PROPOSALS: Land in Cossington Road that could be developed in to 170 homes
GOOGLE PROPOSALS: Land in Cossington Road that could be developed in to 170 homes

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