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First, decide which design you want to stitch from the transfer sheet, then cut roughly around it, taking care to leave a small allowance all around. You should only have the section you want to transfer, but take care not to cut off any of the lines you want to transfer.

The designs are all printed in reverse so they transfer the right way around.


Press the fabric you want to transfer the design onto, so that it’s smooth and crease-free, using a dry iron (so the fabric isn’t damp).

Place your cut-out transfer sheet ink-side down on top of the right side of the fabric, making sure it is in exactly the position you want the transfer to be. Then carefully pin or tack it in place so it doesn’t shift or move.


Set your iron to the hot, dry setting, then press on top for a few seconds. The longer you leave the iron in place, the darker the transfer lines will be. To check if the design has transferre­d, hold the iron in place and lift the corner of the paper, making sure not to dislodge the transfer sheet’s position on the fabric. Press again until you are happy with the transfer.


Once the design has transferre­d, lift off the paper and your design is ready to embroider. The transfer markings are permanent so make sure they’re all covered with embroidery. But, they will fade over time, especially if washed or exposed to light.

You can reuse the transfers three to four times depending on the fabric you use and how much ink you transfer.

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