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Prepare your sewing machine by attaching a freemotion embroidery or darning foot. Next, drop the feed dogs – the mechanism that grips and pulls fabric through your sewing machine. Before you begin working with your machine, though, start with test fabric to make sure the tension is correct and the bottom thread doesn’t show though. Remember the stitch length is determined by the speed at which you stitch – the faster you go, the shorter your stitches will be. When machine embroideri­ng, try to work in one continuous line. If you do need to stop, * (" 02/" 6,2 ),4"/ 1%" #,,1 /01 0, 6,2 don’t have jumps in your stitching. Machine embroidery can be tricky to start with, the beauty of it for this pattern is that the messy stitches help to create the textured appearance of the dandelion heads. So don’t worry about being neat – just have fun!

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