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Re­mov­ing your De­fender or Se­ries hard top and re­plac­ing it with a can­vas hood is easy – and you’ll have a con­vert­ible for sum­mer

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Can­vas tops and Land Rovers go to­gether like chips and gravy. If you’ve got a ‘square’ Land Rover, you may have won­dered what it’d be like to run it as a full tilt, even just for the warmer months; and you’d be right to be cu­ri­ous. Rolling up the back and sides and cruis­ing down some leafy greenlanes in the sun­shine is an idyll to many of us, and the up­sides to a can­vas top don’t end when the weather turns mis­er­able, either.

A soft hood can ac­tu­ally be more ef­fec­tive at keep­ing rain out than a hard top, be­cause it’s all one piece. There will also be less con­den­sa­tion, and that headache-in­duc­ing boom­ing and drum­ming from a bare metal roof and sides will be a thing of the past.

You’ll also save a chunk of weight and lower the cen­tre of grav­ity con­sid­er­ably, and your Land Rover will look cooler – fact.

The ob­vi­ous down­side is the se­cu­rity as­pect. While Land Rovers aren’t ex­actly im­pen­e­tra­ble fortresses at the best of times, it doesn’t take a ge­nius to over­come a few ropes and straps and gain ac­cess to the in­te­rior, so don’t leave valu­ables in­side – build in a lock­able vault if you need to – and make sure the rest of your de­fences are top-notch. Also, de­pend­ing on your cur­rent body style, you may need to source a tail­gate (about £160 new) and brack­etry to re­place the back door.

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