Re­place TD4 cam­belt

Martin’s step-by-step guide to re­plac­ing a Freelander 2’s tim­ing belt and wa­ter pump

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Re­mem­ber when the Land Rover ser­vice sched­ule rec­om­mended you changed your Tdi’s oil ev­ery 6000 miles? Well, ad­vances in oils and the en­gines that use them have come a long way – and the same goes for drive belts. Gone are the days of belt changes at 60k; the Freelander 2 doesn’t need its belt re­plac­ing un­til it reaches 150,000 miles, or 10 years old.

The dif­fer­ence, of course, is that if you snap the belt on a Tdi it may bend a cou­ple of pushrods and, if you’re un­lucky, break the rocker shaft. On an en­gine with much tighter build tol­er­ances and its camshafts at the top of the head, such as the 2.2 TD4 fit­ted to most Freelander 2s, the same belt fail­ure would more than likely ren­der the en­gine scrap.

So, it’s im­por­tant not to put off re­plac­ing the tim­ing belt. Its im­pres­sively long ser­vice life means you shouldn’t feel hard done by when get­ting it done on your F2; it may be the only cam­belt re­place­ment it sees. Avenger 4x4 charges about £510 to swap a belt and wa­ter pump on this model.

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