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I un­der­stand from a friend (Land Rover Fa­natic) that you are look­ing for me con­cern­ing the two Dis­cov­ery 6x6s that I built some years ago.

Firstly, I built the two 6x6 Dis­cov­ery 1s be­cause ev­ery time I trav­elled down the run­way at Stansted Air­port, I saw a six-wheeled Range Rover fire ten­der at the side of the run­way, and thought to my­self, ‘I can build one of them.’ Se­condly, ac­cord­ing to VOSA, these were the only two Dis­cov­erys in the UK to ac­tu­ally get through the strin­gent test­ing that VOSA sub­jected them to.

The 6x6 was achieved by putting an­other diff on the back of axle two, which meant that the new diff ran back­wards, turn­ing axle three up­side down so that they all pro­pelled for­wards. Axle three also had old Se­ries half­shafts fit­ted with se­lectable free­wheel­ing hubs, so the six-wheel-drive could be dis­en­gaged when not needed, giv­ing 6x4. I even cre­ated in­te­rior side pan­els and had the whole in­te­rior re­cov­ered in leather, to com­plete the job.

It was an awe­some ma­chine when these pics were taken, and was still im­mac­u­late when I sold it to a guy from An­gle­sey.

Un­for­tu­nately, Land Rover ‘nuts’ want ev­ery­thing for noth­ing and when it came to sell­ing these Dis­cov­ery 6x6s, they seemed to be worth not a lot, so I didn’t bother build­ing any more of them. The pho­to­graph shows the blue one on Can­vey Is­land in about 2011.

The green one is still about, owned by the guy I sold it to in Cheshire. It was for sale on ebay, a few weeks ago but did not sell.

ADRIAN GOLDIE Six-wheel-drive Land Rovers, Dis­cos and Clas­sics never seem to lose their ap­peal with ‘Land Rover nuts’. Mark Sav­ille

One of two 6x6 Dis­cov­erys built by Adrian Goldie

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