LRO (UK) - - Technique Muddy Recovery -

TESTED BY: NEIL WAT­TER­SON ● KIT RE­QUIRED: Hi-lift jack, Hi-lift jack Off-road Kit, rope or chain

● TIME TAKEN: 20 min­utes ● COST: £97.80 (jack), £97.80 (Off-road Kit) fa­mous­four.co.uk ● HOW EASY: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ● SUC­CESS RAT­ING: ★ ★ ★ ★★

HOW IT’S DONE: The Hi-lift jack is one of those tools that all off-road­ers used to have, but has fallen out of favour a bit. It is very use­ful, but bot­tle jacks are more stable for lift­ing, and elec­tric winches are more con­ve­nient for re­cov­ery. As an all-rounder, the high-lift (or farm) jack is hard to beat, though. In this in­stance, we’re us­ing it with the op­tional Off-road Kit, de­signed specif­i­cally for the Hi-lift brand of jacks. This in­cludes winch­ing chains, strop and shackle.

Ide­ally you use it with a suit­ably rated 3/8in chain (about £8 per me­tre), but you can use it with rope. One chain is at­tached to the toe of the jack, the other the rail – when you have reached the end of the pull, you sim­ply at­tach the sec­ond chain to the rope or chain you’re pulling to hold the load while you re­set the jack. It’ll pull about three tonnes, but you re­ally have to work for it.

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