Here’s my wild ques­tions to puz­zle over...

Macclesfield Express - - THE LAUGHING BADGER -

HERE’S my Christ­mas quiz. Now we’ll see if you have been pay­ing at­ten­tion! 1. This crea­ture is not a cat, the spec­i­mens seen in this re­gion are not from Eastern Europe, and it smells. What is it? 2. Which type of rare birds are of­ten seen around Nimmo’s Pier, Gal­way? 3. What does B.T.O. stand for? 4. Why is the waxwing so called? 5. Where would you hear the boom of a bit­tern in this re­gion? 6. This bird sounds like an Amer­i­can car, but is also a win­ter vis­i­tor from Siberia? 7. I’ve just been to La­p­land. Fill in the miss­ing words to dis­cover some of the an­i­mals I was look­ing for: Brown ......... Siberian ...... 8. And this big bird, of­ten seen jump­ing about at a Scot­tish dance? 9. Give two names for the nat­u­ral light show above the Arc­tic Cir­cle? 10. Ospreys fly to Africa for the win­ter, true or false? 11. Why are birds ringed? 12. Which an­i­mal is re­spon­si­ble for killing the most young birds in our gar­dens - the cat or the mag­pie? 13. Which an­i­mal, long ex­tinct in the UK, was re­leased into the wild in Scot­land in 2009? 14. Bats are blind, true or false? 15. Who was Brueghel the Elder? 16. Which species of ea­gle has been suc­cess­fully re-re­leased to the West Coast of Scot­land? 17. What is melanism? 18. Name the ‘butcher bird’. 19. When a vis­it­ing bird is de­scribed as a ‘Pas­sage Bird’, what does it mean? 20. What is a pure white Gyr?

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