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Isabel is helping to shape culture


ASCULPTOR is part of attempts to bring greater culture to Saudi Arabia having visited the Middle East country via Macclesfie­ld and South America.

Isabel Langtry, who was raised in Macclesfie­ld, will have her 3.5m piece of work entitled Serin on display in the capital Riyadh.

It has been inspired by Saudi flora and fauna, particular­ly a type of finch unique to the country, and is one of 20 commission­ed by the Crown Prince from internatio­nally renowned artists.

The project aims to develop points of cultural interest and a different, more modern image for Saudi Arabia.

Isabel was selected as those behind the scheme had been impressed with her work at a sculpture festival in Chile.

She said: “I love nature and this comes from a childhood walking along the canals of Macclesfie­ld and playing in the fields of Macclesfie­ld.

“I wouldn’t be the sculptor I am without that. It doesn’t matter what country you are from, sculpture brings people together. A painting is hung on a wall but with a sculpture you can get 20, 30, 40 people congregati­ng around it and having a conversati­on.”

Isabel was in Riyadh from January 9 to 31 and only had one day off as she made Serin, from seven tonnes of stone.

Others taking part came from countries including China, the USA, Germany and France.

Project organisers are now deciding where to locate the finished pieces of work.

Isabel lived on Tytheringt­on Drive having moved to the town as a small child with her scientist parents. Previously they lived in Nigeria.

The married mum-oftwo is now based in London and is principal of Hampstead School of Art.

Isabel said: “It was thrilling to work with 20 very well-known internatio­nal sculptors. The Crown Prince wants to create new culture.

“It was exciting to be part of, countries can only change if they are supported in that change.”

 ??  ?? Isabel Langtry with her sculpture Serin
Isabel Langtry with her sculpture Serin
 ??  ?? The Beech Lane site that will become an ambulance base
The Beech Lane site that will become an ambulance base

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