8. Al­phabear: Hard­cover Edi­tion

Price: £6.99 from Steam (tinyurl.com/yc­sajtwd)

Macworld - - Round- Up -

We’re big fans of Al­phabear on iOS, but if you ever wanted to play it on Mac – or you just couldn’t come to grips with its freemium de­sign – then the new Al­phabear: Hard­cover Edi­tion should grab your at­ten­tion. It’s es­sen­tially the same game at its core, al­beit now with a fully pre­mium, pay-once model, as well as fresh daily boards and other perks.

Al­phabear is one of the most com­pelling word puz­zlers of the past few years, chal­leng­ing you to cre­ate words us­ing the Scrab­ble-like tiles on the board. As you clear tiles, they turn into cute, in­creas­ingly-large bears that award big point boun­ties, but if you leave tiles un­used for too long, they turn to stone and im­pede progress.

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