Use Ap­ple Pay Cash in the UK

Set to launch in the UK soon, Ja­son Cross ex­plains how to make per­son-to-per­son pay­ments on an iphone or Ap­ple Watch

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Ap­ple Pay Cash has now launched in the US and looks set to launch in the UK soon, lets you pay your mates over imes­sage, or by us­ing Siri. Here’s ev­ery­thing you need to know.


For starters, both the money sen­der and re­ceiver need to be run­ning IOS 11.2 or later. Ap­ple Pay Cash was added in IOS 11.2 beta 2, and is in the fi­nal

re­lease as well. Ac­cord­ing to Ap­ple’s sup­port page, you’ll need to meet the fol­low­ing re­quire­ments:

• A com­pat­i­ble de­vice with IOS 11.2 or later.

• Two-fac­tor au­then­ti­ca­tion for your Ap­ple ID.

• An el­i­gi­ble credit or debit card in Wal­let, so you can send money.

• Be at least 18 years old.

Set­ting up Ap­ple Pay Cash

Be­fore you can send or re­ceive money, you’ll need to set up the Ap­ple Pay Cash card. It’s es­sen­tially a spe­cial pre­paid card with some fi­nan­cial ser­vices pro­vided top Ap­ple by Green Dot Bank.

First, you may need to head into the Set­tings menu and make sure Ap­ple Pay Cash is en­abled. Go to Set­tings > Wal­let & Ap­ple Pay and look for the Ap­ple Pay Cash tog­gle at the top of the screen. Then, head into the Wal­let app, tap on the Ap­ple Pay Cash card, then tap on Set Up Ap­ple Pay Cash. You’ll have to agree to some terms and con­di­tions, but that’s it. This process will set off au­to­mat­i­cally if some­one sends you money be­fore you get a chance to set it up.

How to send money with your iphone or ipad

Send­ing money with Ap­ple Pay Cash is in­cred­i­bly sim­ple. It’s just an imes­sage app.

Launch Mes­sages and then start a new mes­sage, or open an ex­ist­ing one. Tap the Apps but­ton and then the Ap­ple Pay but­ton. Press the ‘+’ or ‘-’ but­tons to ad­just the amount, or tap

Show Key­pad to en­ter an ex­act amount. Tap Pay. If you want to add a mes­sage here, you can. Tap the send but­ton. You’ll get a sum­mary screen that you’ll need to ap­prove with ei­ther Touch ID or Face ID.

That’s all there is to it. The money will be sent im­me­di­ately, and will be avail­able on the re­cip­i­ent’s Ap­ple Pay Cash card.

Send money with your Ap­ple Watch

Open Mes­sages on your Ap­ple Watch and ei­ther start a new mes­sage or open an ex­ist­ing one. Scroll down past the mes­sage and tap on the Ap­ple Pay but­ton. Turn the dig­i­tal grown to ad­just the dol­lar amount. If you need to be more ex­act, tap the dol­lar amount to show the dec­i­mal places, then tap the value af­ter the dec­i­mal and ro­tate the dig­i­tal crown to ad­just. Tap Pay. You’ll be prompted to dou­ble-click the side but­ton to con­firm.

Ask for money

You can ask your friend to send you money, too. When they get the re­quest, they can tap it, and the pay­ment amount will be filled out au­to­mat­i­cally (they can ad­just it if they want).

Open Mes­sages, go to a conversation, and tap the Ap­ple Pay imes­sage app like you would when send­ing money. En­ter the amount, and in­stead of tap­ping Pay tap the Re­quest but­ton. There’s no Re­quest but­ton on Ap­ple Watch, but you can use Siri with a phrase like, “Ask Ja­son for £15 for pizza.”

Can­cel pay­ment

If you sent money to some­one and they haven’t yet ac­cepted it, you can can­cel pay­ment. Go to Mes­sages and tap on the pay­ment, or find the pay­ment in the Trans­ac­tion His­tory of your Ap­ple Pay Cash card in the Wal­let app or Set­tings. Tap the trans­ac­tion and look for the sta­tus field. Tap Can­cel Pay­ment. If you don’t see that op­tion, they’ve al­ready ac­cepted the pay­ment.

It may take up to a day for the pay­ment to show up back on your ac­count. Af­ter the first trans­ac­tion, most users will have Ap­ple Pay Cash set to au­to­mat­i­cally ac­cept pay­ments (that’s the de­fault), so you prob­a­bly won’t have much op­por­tu­nity to can­cel.

Us­ing Siri

You can use Siri to both send and re­quest money. Try say­ing “Send Jane £14 for pizza” or “Ap­ple Pay Greg £12 for pizza.” Or to re­quest money, maybe, “Ask Glenda for £18 for pizza.”

About that Ap­ple Pay Cash card

When you re­ceive money, it goes onto your Ap­ple Pay Cash card. That money is then used by de­fault when­ever you send any­one else money with Ap­ple Pay Cash. If you don’t have enough in there, you can pay the bal­ance with a debit or credit card.

You can also use money on your Ap­ple Pay Cash card to pay for things us­ing Ap­ple Pay. Apps and in-app pur­chases, re­tail, on­line, it’s just an­other source of money to use within Ap­ple Pay. Just

tap on your pay­ment card when­ever an Ap­ple Pay sum­mary pops up on screen for you to con­firm, or if you’re buy­ing some­thing at re­tail, switch to the Ap­ple Pay Cash card be­fore tap­ping to the ter­mi­nal.

The max­i­mum bal­ance you can have on the card is $20,000. You can only send or re­ceive up to $3,000 per mes­sage, and $10,000 within a sev­en­day pe­riod. The UK limit has yet to be an­nounced.

Adding money to your Ap­ple Pay Cash card or trans­fer­ring it to your bank ac­count

You can add money to your Ap­ple Pay Cash card, although you will au­to­mat­i­cally add any miss­ing bal­ance from a debit or credit card when pay­ing some­one. Just open the Ap­ple Pay Cash card in the Wal­let app or the Wal­let & Ap­ple Pay set­tings menu. Then tap on the Info tab. Then tap Add Money. En­ter the amount you’d like to add, tap Add, and con­firm.

Tak­ing money off your Ap­ple Pay Cash card is just a lit­tle more com­pli­cated. You’ll need to add a bank ac­count. In the Ap­ple Pay Cash card info (in Set­tings or the Wal­let app), go to the Info tab. Tap Trans­fer to Bank.

The first time you do this, you’ll have to tap Add Bank Ac­count and en­ter your bank’s sort code and your ac­count num­ber. En­ter an amount, tap Trans­fer, then con­firm with

Touch ID or Face ID.

If you want to trans­fer money from your Ap­ple Pay Cash vir­tual card to your bank, you’ll need to en­ter an ac­count num­ber.

Cost of us­ing Ap­ple Pay Cash

If you use a debit card, Ap­ple Pay Cash is free. But if you use a credit card, there’s a 3 per­cent credit card trans­ac­tion fee every time you use your card to add to your Ap­ple Pay Cash bal­ance.

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