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Ap­ple has changed how you ac­cess the macOS sys­tem up­date set­tings – it’s now a Soft­ware Up­date sys­tem pref­er­ence, writes Ro­man Loy­ola

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Up­dates to the op­er­at­ing sys­tem are im­por­tant to in­stall be­cause they fix bugs and se­cu­rity holes. Some­times they even add new fea­tures. In Mo­jave, Ap­ple has moved OS up­dates to a Soft­ware Up­date sys­tem pref­er­ence. It has also sim­pli­fied the set­tings for au­to­matic up­date in­stal­la­tions. Let’s take a look at the Soft­ware Up­date sys­tem pref­er­ence set­tings.

Soft­ware Up­date set­tings

The Soft­ware Up­date sys­tem pref­er­ence is lo­cated in  > Sys­tem Pref­er­ences. Soft­ware Up­date

is lo­cated in the third row. You can also get to the pref­er­ence though  > About This Mac > Soft­ware Up­date.

Ad­just the Soft­ware Up­date set­tings

When you open Soft­ware Up­date, a check is made to see if your Mac is up to date and if there are any up­dates avail­able. You might even miss this screen if you blink; it ap­pears and dis­ap­pears so quickly for me that I can’t get a screen­shot of it. But on page 15 you can see what the win­dow looks like af­ter the check is made and your sys­tem is deemed up to date. If you want to per­form up­dates au­to­mat­i­cally,

check the box at the bot­tom of the screen. If you click the Ad­vanced but­ton, you’ll see the fol­low­ing: These are all au­to­matic set­tings that will run in the back­ground on your Mac. (These set­tings used to be lo­cated in the App Store app.) Note that it’s not just for sys­tem up­dates; the fourth op­tion is for all the apps you’ve ac­quired through the App Store.

If you like to con­trol when your Mac is ac­cess­ing the In­ter­net and down­load­ing files, you should uncheck these op­tions. You’ll need to re­mem­ber to man­u­ally check for up­dates. But if you’re fine with the up­dates run­ning au­to­mat­i­cally, check all the boxes.

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