Cus­tom­ize screen­shots

With Mo­jave, the abil­ity to quickly an­no­tate screen­shots fi­nally comes to the Mac, re­veals Leif John­son

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Ap­ple in­sists that iOS and macOS will never morph into the same dig­i­tal beast, but at least it’s in­creas­ingly will­ing to share the most use­ful fea­tures be­tween each plat­form.

Con­sider, for in­stance, the abil­ity to markup screen­shots in iOS 11. It quickly be­came one of our favourite tools on the iPhone, as you could quickly cir­cle or high­light spe­cific pas­sages in a screen­shot of an email ,or pin­point a lo­ca­tion in a photo and then send that file off to a friend in an iMes­sage.

With Mo­jave, that same great fea­ture comes to

Ap­ple’s desk­top sys­tem, along with a pile of Ma­cap­pro­pri­ate en­hance­ments (many of which are fa­mil­iar from Pre­view). Here’s how to use it.

Take a screen­shot

Many of us have long been fa­mil­iar with the old stand­bys of macOS screen­shots:

• Com­mand-Shift-3 takes a screen­shot of the en­tire screen, which im­me­di­ately saves to the desk­top

• Com­mand-Shift-4 takes a screen­shot of a spe­cific area, which you se­lect by drag­ging an ad­justable rect­an­gle

But with Mo­jave, we also get Com­mand-Shift-5. Use this, and you’ll get a small menu bar along the bot­tom that of­fers five choices. (If you use a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, you’ll also see these op­tions on the bar.) Those choices are:

• Screen­shot the whole screen (ex­actly like Com­mand-Shift-3)

• Screen­shot a spe­cific win­dow

• Screen­shot a spe­cific area (ex­actly like Com­mand-Shift-4)

• Record the en­tire screen (for video)

• Record a spe­cific part of the screen (for video)

On the right side of the bar, you’ll also see an Op­tions menu that lets you fur­ther cus­tom­ize your screen­shot tak­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. Im­por­tantly, these

op­tions can also change how screen­shots be­have with Com­mand-Shift-3 and Com­mand-Shift-4.

Click­ing on the Op­tions menu al­lows you to choose where to save the screen­shot – Desk­top, Doc­u­ments, Clip­board, Mail, Mes­sages, or Pre­view – and you can set a timer be­fore the screen­shot or video be­gins that lasts ei­ther five- or 10 sec­onds.

Be­yond that, you can choose to in­clude the mouse pointer in the shot and (much as on an iPhone or iPad) show a float­ing thumb­nail or the screen­shot once it’s been taken. With Mo­jave, the float­ing thumb­nail is on by de­fault, and it’ll ap­pear in the lower-right cor­ner of your screen.

It’s wise to keep the float­ing thumb­nail ac­tive as it lets you change your mind about what you plan

to do with the shot. Once the thumb­nail ap­pears fol­low­ing any of the Com­mand-Shift vari­a­tions, you can right-click on it to bring up a menu that lets you save the screen­shot to the Desk­top, Doc­u­ments, or Clip­board.

Be­yond that, you can open it in Mail, Mes­sages, Pre­view, or Pho­tos. For that mat­ter, you can sim­ply delete it, show where the file is in Fin­der, or choose Markup to draw all over it.

Mark up a screen­shot

And that, fi­nally, is where our fea­ture from iOS 11 makes its ap­pear­ance. If you don’t click Markup when you right-click on the screen­shot, you can al­ways left-click on it to bring up Markup

im­me­di­ately. Es­sen­tially, the same thing hap­pens

here that you find on iOS, but with a lot more

op­tions. Click on the screen­shot, and it opens in

a new win­dow with a Markup tool­bar. From left to

right, your op­tions are:

1. Sketch

2. Draw (ba­si­cally a more ‘fluid’ ver­sion of Sketch)

3. Add Shapes (which also in­cludes a mag­ni­fy­ing class for em­pha­siz­ing specifics)

4. Add Text

5. Sign (which is a nifty fea­ture that gives you an ad­justable ver­sion of your sig­na­ture, based ei­ther on one you make with the mouse or a photo of one you take with the on-board cam­era)

6. Stroke and shape style (for Sketch, Draw, Shapes, and so on)

7. Bor­der Colour

8. Fill Colour

9. Cus­tom­ize size, colour, font of text, along with para­graph align­ment

10. Ro­tate Right

11. Ro­tate Left

12. Crop

That’s enough to make the new Markup win­dow a light­weight ver­sion of Pre­view. And for those of us who take a lot of screen­shots, it’s a bless­ing.

Only the ‘stop video’ but­ton is show­ing be­cause I used the video tool to cap­ture this. It turns out that tak­ing a screen­shot of a screen­shot tool is kind of hard

The thumb­nail stays on the screen for about five sec­onds

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