Ex­plor­ing Fin­der Quick Ac­tions

Per­form fast and easy ed­its to your pho­tos and videos, right in Fin­der. Ro­man Loy­ola finds there’s no need to launch an app

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When you’re sift­ing through a set of files on your Mac – say, pho­tos you just trans­ferred from your iPhone – you’ve prob­a­bly no­ticed lit­tle things that you want to ad­just or fix in those files, but you don’t want to go through what seems like an or­deal of open­ing the file in an app just for a sim­ple tweak. The new Quick Ac­tions fea­ture in Mo­jave is here to help. It gives you tools to per­form quick ed­its to your files, right in the Fin­der, so you don’t have to launch an app.

Your Fin­der win­dows need to have Pre­view turned on to see the Quick Ac­tion tools. To do this, open a Fin­der win­dow and in the menu bar se­lect View > Show Pre­view, or press ShiftCom­mand-P. Quick Ac­tion tools ap­pear in the lower right of the Fin­der win­dow, un­der the Pre­view. The tools avail­able with Quick Ac­tions vary based on the file type.

Let’s take a look at how Quick Ac­tions works with im­ages, doc­u­ments, and other files.

Use Fin­der Quick Ac­tions with pho­tos and other im­ages

When you look at a photo or other graphic file, the Quick Ac­tion tools ap­pear. Two tool but­tons ap­pear, along with a More but­ton. The tool that ap­pears de­pends on the file type. Here are the de­fault tools you’ll see:

Ro­tate Left: This ro­tates the file an­ti­clock­wise.

Markup: This will bring up a Quick Look win­dow that has a set of markup tools.

Cre­ate PDF: If you se­lect mul­ti­ple im­ages in the icon list, you can make a PDF.

When you se­lect Markup, a Quick Look win­dow ap­pears with sev­eral tools you can use, in­clud­ing draw­ing, text, ro­ta­tion, and crop. If you want to re­size an im­age or per­form colour cor­rec­tion, you need to open the file in an app.

Use Fin­der Quick Ac­tions with videos

When you look at a video, these are the two Quick Ac­tion tools that ap­pear. (The More but­ton al­lows you to cus­tom­ize the tools. More on that in a bit.)

Ro­tate Left: This ro­tates the file an­ti­clock­wise. Help­ful for videos you’ve made on your iPhone, and the ori­en­ta­tion it was saved at is in­cor­rect.

Trim: You can shorten a video. A large trim­ming view ap­pears, and the tool works in the same way as it does for Quick­Time Player.

Use Fin­der Quick Ac­tions with au­dio files

With au­dio files, only one tool ap­pears by de­fault: Trim. The More but­ton lets you cus­tom­ize the tools.

Use Fin­der Quick Ac­tions with other file types (PDFs, doc­u­ments, and so on)

As of the first pub­lic beta, Ap­ple doesn’t have any de­fault Quick Ac­tions tools for any other file types other than graph­ics, videos, and au­dio. The Quick Ac­tions tool sec­tion shows only a More but­ton, which can be cus­tomized.

Cus­tom­ize Fin­der Quick Ac­tions

When you click on the More but­ton, a Cus­tom­ize pop-up ap­pears and you are taken to the Ex­ten­sions Sys­tem Pref­er­ences. Here, you can se­lect an ac­tion in the Fin­der sec­tion of this pref­er­ence. As of the ini­tial pub­lic beta, there are only a few other op­tions to add. Ap­ple could add more in fu­ture re­vi­sions.

Ac­cess­ing the Markup tools via Quick Ac­tions

You can trim au­dio files us­ing Quick Ac­tions

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