How to use Gallery View

The new Fin­der has en­hance­ments that make it eas­ier to work with your files, re­veals Ro­man Loy­ola

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With Mo­jave, the Fin­der gets a few wel­come im­prove­ments. The new Gallery View makes it eas­ier to iden­tify a file, as well as look at meta­data for a photo – you no longer have to launch an app to see this in­for­ma­tion.

Use Gallery View

1. In the Fin­der, open a new Fin­der win­dow. If stor­age de­vices ap­pear on your desk­top, you can

double-click a de­vice icon. Or in the menu bar go to File > New Fin­der Win­dow, or press Com­mand-N.

2. In the Fin­der win­dow, look for the four View but­tons grouped to­gether at the top of the win­dow. The first is for Icons, the sec­ond for List, the third for Col­umns, and the fourth is for Gallery. Click on the Gallery icon to switch to Gallery View. (This but­ton used to be for Cover Flow View.)

An­other way to switch to Gallery View is, with a Fin­der win­dow open, go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and se­lect View > Gallery. Or, while you’re in the Fin­der win­dow, press Com­mand-3.

View meta­data in the Fin­der

While in Gallery View, you can scrub through the icons at the bot­tom of the Fin­der win­dow to see the rest of your files. If you se­lect a photo, the meta­data will ap­pear in a column to the right. If you are view­ing an im­age and you don’t see meta­data, look for a Show More link and click it. This should ex­pose the meta­data.

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