Use emoji in Ap­ple Mail 12

Emoji are pop­u­lar with text mes­sages. Now you can use them in emails, too. Ro­man Loy­ola shows how

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Emoji are a handy way to com­mu­ni­cate while tex­ting, so it seems nat­u­ral for emoji to make its way into email, too. The Mail 12 app in

Mo­jave now sup­ports emoji, and the char­ac­ters avail­able are the same ones found in iOS.

Add emoji in an email us­ing Mail 12

1. Cre­ate an email by click­ing on the New Mes­sage but­ton in the Viewer Win­dow, or press Com­mand-N.

2. At the up­per right of the New Mes­sage win­dow is the Emoji & Sym­bols but­ton. It has a smi­ley face and is lo­cated be­tween the For­mat and Photo

Browser but­tons (see be­low). Click it.

3. A pop-up menu will ap­pear wher­ever your cur­sor is in the mes­sage. This shows the emoji and sym­bols avail­able to you. It works just like the one in iOS; at the bot­tom are icons that rep­re­sent the dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories into which the icons are sorted. You can also swipe up and down with two fin­gers to scroll through the se­lec­tion.

4. Find the emoji you want to use. Click it, and it will be added at the lo­ca­tion of your cur­sor.

Once the emoji is in your email, you can se­lect it and en­large it by press­ing Com­mand-+, or by

se­lect­ing For­mat in the menu bar and then Style > Big­ger. You can make it smaller by se­lect­ing the emoji and press­ing Com­mand-- or by se­lect­ing For­mat in the menu bar and then Style > Smaller.



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