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Hospital decision ‘not taken lightly’

All areas: Visits stopped at Wexham Park amid rising COVID cases

- By Shay Bottomley shayb@baylismedi­ @ShayB_BM

Wexham Park Hospital has been closed to visitors due to rising cases of COVID-19, the Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust has announced.

The changes came into effect on New Year’s Day but some exemptions will remain in place for visitors to Wexham Park and Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey.

Maxine McVey, deputy director of nursing, said: “We understand how important visits from loved ones are for our patients, which is why this decision is not one that we have taken lightly, but our priority has to be to ensuring the safety of those in our care and those looking after them.

“Our nursing teams will update each patient’s next of kin regularly, so that they can keep the rest of their family and friends up to date.

“They will work with families where there are exceptiona­l circumstan­ces, including for example, where patients have dementia or learning disabiliti­es.

She added that families could also visit for any patient ‘who is deemed to be nearing the end of their life’.

Families with loved ones in hospital will be able to use PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) to deliver essentials such as clean pyjamas or a new book.

Special arrangemen­ts:

Patients in the emergency department (ED)

Only one relative can accompany a patient into majors or resus (for people who need urgent treatment).

No one can accompany a patient in minor injuries, ambulatory care or the assessment area. Exceptions can be made on a case-bycase basis at the nurses’ discretion, where the patient requires a carer to accompany them.

Where the patient is a child, one parent is allowed, although siblings are not allowed to attend.

Children’s wards

One well parent/carer can be resident with their child. Another parent/carer can swap as needed.

No other family members are allowed. In certain circumstan­ces, at the discretion of the nurse in charge this can be reviewed (e.g., delivery of bad news).

Visiting on the neonatal wards is also restricted to two well parents/carers. No other family members are allowed except in circumstan­ces that are agreed with the nurse in charge such as end-of-life care.

One well and COVID-negative parent can attend with their child at any time in paediatric outpatient­s and ambulatory care units. Parents can change over at any time of day. Siblings are not allowed to attend except in circumstan­ces that are agreed with the nurse in charge (such as no other adult to care for siblings while the appointmen­t is attended, or a breastfeed­ing infant)

Where a COVID-positive child is admitted and their primary carers are also COVID-positive but well, and alternativ­e primary care cannot be given to the child, the parent/carer will be allowed to be present but must remain in the isolation room at all times. Food and drinks will be provided by the Trust.

Where the primary carer is unwell, alternativ­e arrangemen­ts to accompany the child must be made as the children’s ward staff are unable to provide clinical care to the parent/carer.


One well birthing partner can accompany a woman in labour.

The nominated birth partner can accompany the patient to the antenatal ward, while in labour and the same birthing partner for the postnatal ward.

Birth partners need to provide evidence of a negative lateral flow every 24 hours to continue access.

Face masks/covering needs to be worn and social distancing from staff and other patients or visitors needs to be adhered too.

 ?? ?? Wexham Park Hospital closed to visitors on New Year's Day. Ref:132714-3
Wexham Park Hospital closed to visitors on New Year's Day. Ref:132714-3

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