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All sewn up to keep a home cosy


MAIDENHEAD: The Hindu Society of Maidenhead and a climate group organised a workshop for children to make draught excluders for those in need.

The DraughtBus­ters project is run by Sarah and Dave Scarbrough of the group RBWM Climate Community, which is also involved in other environmen­tal projects, such as the Repair Cafe.

The scheme helps fix cold draughts in houses in the Royal Borough, with the intention of both increasing comfort and reducing fuel costs.

The event, on Monday, December 20, was part of a threeday camp with workshops run by parent volunteers called Grihasthas, which in Sanskrit means householde­rs leading a familycent­red and dharmic social life.

The camp celebrated Hindu customs, values and scriptures.

Shalini Nayak, lead volunteer, said “[The children] thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and took home some important food for thought.

“We parents can’t thank (Sarah and Dave) enough and look forward to facilitate more community projects in the future.”

RBWM Climate Community now has ‘a great collection’ of draught excluders for the DraughtBus­ters project.

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